About me

Maximilian Fischer

My name is Maximilian Fischer. I launched ROUTE242 ("Route to 42").

I strive for the right answer to everything, based on the novel "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

Since my early childhood, I am passionate about the IT world. Another world in which you could independently try out and get to know new things. In the youth came then the software development, which became my passion.

After I graduated, a whole new type of device came onto the market: the iPhone. I fell in love immediately. Since 2010, my focus has been on mobile development. At the same time, I started a dual degree program in Business Informatics and completed it three years later.

Early on I recognized the potential of platform independent development. That's why I got involved in the Xamarin development early on.

The tools have evolved and I am with them. In the meantime, I see it as a solution for mobile development. Because you save an important factor in the development: time and money.

With ROUTE242, I am now pooling all my know-how of recent years to be the best possible support for your app projects. Not just in development, but in the entire process from idea to marketing.